Professional Indemnity

Protecting your business from an increasingly litigious environment.

Professional Indemnity insurance is a form of liability insurance that provides cover for the financial consequences of professional negligence, following a breach of professional duty by way of neglect, error or omission.

In addition, an indemnity is provided in respect of the legal and other costs incurred in the defence of any claim.

Directors & Officers

Covering your company as well as your directors and officers.

Company directors and/or senior executives can be held jointly and personally liable for their actions or the actions of other board members.

Actions could be brought from a number of different parties and the cost of defending allegations can be substantial.

A Directors and Officers insurance liability policy is designed to provide cover for such legal defence costs and, where appropriate, any final settlement or compensation award.

Office Insurance

Keep your business up and running, with cover for equipment, premises and more.

We arrange office insurance policies to protect your business against risks such as theft, fire, water damage and accidental damage, even if the possessions such as portable laptops are temporarily away from the workplace.

Contractors all risks Insurance

Contractors’ all risk insurance provides protection against the loss of, or any physical damage to, a construction project or site. This includes damage to the actual building or extension under construction and/or any plant, materials and machinery that are on site for the purpose of the construction.

This type of insurance is highly recommended as an upgrade to your standard Public Liability or Employers Liability Policy for anyone in charge of a building project.

Where appropriate, CAR policies may be extended to include:

  • Temporary Buildings

  • Constructional Plant Tools & Equipment

  • Employee Tools & Effects

  • Employers Liability (Annual Covers only)

  • Public/Products Liability

  • JCT 6.5.1 Insurance

  • Advanced Loss of Profit (Specific Projects only)

  • Existing Buildings (Specific Projects only)

  • Financial Loss

  • Terrorism